The Murder in the Fog - Xiao Ru

…Yeah. So far, I also enjoy this quote as a blurb–

Though, the first choice being between “I will only accept if you’re a girl” and “I’ll only accept if you send me a sexy videoclip” is kind of killing my translation-is-frigging-hard sympathy.

…And now it broke, replaying the same text and sending me to the same choice, except I couldn’t pick either of the options because it remembered I already had…

So let’s be honest, the translation/writing is dodgy as hell. There’s background music, which I personally hate, but that’s very obviously a personal preference. The text is gray over a background image and can’t be highlighted either, which makes it a pain to read sometimes. I’ve kind of had enough of pervy VN protagonists, and the horror movie setup isn’t my type either. More schoolgirls getting attacked by psycho entitled killers, that’s what I needed in my life. Though, I do appreciate having “Wow! The cheesy plot appeared in our class!” available as a response. (“Oh look, my best friend and I have the same mother, which we only happened to notice now!”) It can be awfully unclear who’s talking when and through what medium, too. Anyway, I played through to one slasher ending (I think ending 1, though that bit wasn’t translated), and I think that’s enough for me. Though I guess it could be fun to Let’s Play, in its way.

I’ve posted a review here: Here’s the bit above the cut for spoilers: