"The Meteor, The Stone And A Long Glass Of Sherbet" Bugs

(Daniel Stelzer) #1

I know I’m twenty-some years late on this, but…

At the beginning of the game, “X AMILIA” then “X HER” will make the game crash. Gargoyle prints “object 65535 out of range (pc = 0xa317)”.

(Daniel Stelzer) #2

And a rather more alarming bug…

In “Other Half Cave”, trying to TAKE NOTE crashes the game. Gargoyle reports an “attempt to read out-of-bounds address 0xffff (pc = 0x968d)”.

(Daniel Stelzer) #3

Oh dear, something seems to have gone horribly wrong. I can’t take anything now without it crashing, which makes the game somewhat difficult.

(Daniel Stelzer) #4

Well, this is stupid, but it works…I’m able to continue in the game by attempting to EAT anything I want to TAKE. The implicit TAKE will go through just fine, leaving the item in my inventory.

(Andrew Plotkin) #5

Early Inform games (pre about 1997) have a tendency to do operations which are illegal, but which were ignored (or accidentally had no effect) on early Z-machine interpreters. If they haven’t been recompiled with later I6 versions and tested, they can run into these errors.

(Daniel Stelzer) #6

Huh, that’s fair. Is there a flag I can pass to Gargoyle/Bocfel that will ignore these errors, so I can keep playing around them?

(Andrew Plotkin) #7

Hm, good question. In Frotz it’s “-Z 0”, but I don’t remember about other interpreters.