The Mask of Man beta demo

Hello there. I’ve recently published a demo of the game I’ve been working on and I would like to know what you think about it.

So what’s the Mask of Man all about?
A horror novelist called Carl plans with his friend Robert on going to an abandoned town that is said to be haunted in order to gather some photos and some inspiration for the book that he is writing. Upon arriving at the town, things start to not go as planned.

The Mask of Man is a hybrid of both interactive fiction and point-and-click genre. The player types everything that he wants to do in the game in the same vain of Zork or Colossal Cave but with real-time graphics and audio.
In this game I’m also experimenting with dialog in adventure games. Normally one can only choose already created answers but I’ve been working on a more dynamic system where you type what you want to say. There are too dialogues like this in the demo that you will be able to find but they are still a bit simple.

If you are interested, please follow the link below:
Download: … -beta-demo

Kinda old gameplay video:

Main Page:

Looks interesting. The video is atmospheric, but alas, I’m on a Mac.

No problem, I have a Mac build too if you desire to try it out. I should have probably added the link before: … -beta-demo