The Legacy: Realm of Terror

Does anyone remember this DOS game by Microprose released in 1993?

It’s an adventure RPG with a heavy Lovecraft vibe. It has a very advanced UI for a DOS game, featuring resizable and movable windows.

I loved this game and am wondering if anyone else did.

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It is briefly discussed here, after explaining the roots of the UI: » A Time of Endings, Part 4: Magnetic Scrolls The Digital Antiquarian


Neat, I wasn’t aware of the connection to Magnetic Scrolls.

I didn’t pay much attention to those articles myself, but someone played and wrote about it over at The Adventure Gamer. The articles were posted between September 11 and December 2 last year. (Presumably there was also an earlier, unfinished series of articles.)

The final score was pretty low, but the author maintained that there was still a good game buried there.

The CRPG Addict also did a playthrough last year (link is to the first post, subsequent ones available in sidebar). Looked like an interesting game to read about but a bit iffier to play…

Those are some rough reviews. Oh well, I really liked the game.

It’s quirky and weird. I like quirky and weird.