The LEGACY has a website!

Hello people.

The Legacy of Andromeda has now a (work in progress) website.

Waiting for comments and whatever comes to mind.

Thanks for the support!

It looks great! Very professional.
The link pages in the rotation only display for 4 seconds which is a short time to click the link using a mouse.
There could be a down arrow or something to indicate that there is content below the rotating space pages. (Tablets usually use invisible scroll bars so there is no indication.)
In Firefox, the title “Andromedy Legacy” graphic is not centred if the browser window is narrow.

Yes, very professional, and it still works and looks great on smart phone browser. It’s definitely a slicker way of presenting your work.

Thanks for The compliments and The suggestions!
Next step is adding a credits page.
The timing of The big slides is tweaked on average user behaviour. Will look into this anyway.

Merry Christmas!