The Job (PunyJam #1)

Anyone know how to open the compartment in the Office? I assume it has something to do with Paul’s weight loss, the kettlebells, and the mat. I’ve tried various combinations to no avail.


I’ll take it in order, in case someone who hasn’t come as far reads the thread.

First you need to manipulate the dartboard. This requires no tools.

Then put the right weight on the mat and push the handle. Carefully notice the messages you get when pushing the handle.

FWIW, I apologize for the game being horribly under-implemented and under-tested. There will be a better release soon after the jam. I really advice anyone wanting to play it to wait until then.

Thanks, but I am looking for the specific answer here. I’ve already turned the dartboard and I have tried adding weights to the mat. But I don’t have the right number or combination of weights.

Read the last sentence in my hint again, and have this in mind as you try different combinations of weights.

Is the maths right on this one? As Paul had lost one third of his original weight, I reasoned that the mat required either his original weight or two thirds of his original weight, but neither worked and it became trial and error.

Woohoo! I finished. The safe puzzle was a beauty (once I’d worked out the correct sequence of commands), but the end didn’t make sense. I imagine that’ll be fixed in the post-jam release.

Yeah, I brute-forced it myself, and I still don’t understand how I would arrive at that number.

You may understand it later if you keep playing.

This will be better hinted in the post-jam release.

Are you referring to the weight or the safe combo? The latter was pretty well-clued. But I still don’t understand the solution to the weight puzzle, even after solving it and completing the game.


For anyone who has completed the game and still don’t understand the solution for the weight puzzle: The scale is set to allow entry only for someone of Paul’s weight, which is 80 kg, +/- a few kg. Under water, 97 kg of iron weights create the same downward force as something weighing 80 kg does above water. The scale accepts a weight in the range 95-99 kg. The message you get when pushing down the handle is different depending on if there’s too little or too much weight on the mat.

Hints for getting into the safe follow. If you haven’t found the safe, don’t read further. If you think you may have found the safe but it’s not called a safe, you haven’t found the safe.

1: Search the office properly.

2: Look under stuff.

3: What you find may not look like a number, but it is.

4: Turn it around to make it into a number.

5: An old kind of number.

The post-comp release is now out. Get it at The Job by fredrikr

Among the many improvements is a built-in hint menu.

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