The Homepage Comp!

The forum moderators are pleased to announce the Homepage Comp!

In the spirit of the IF Archive CSS Comp we thought we’d open up the design of the Homepage to the forum community. We would like the homepage to be useful as a general place to point someone to introduce them to all things IF. So we’d like it to contain a short introduction to IF and links to this forum, the IFDB, the IF Wiki, Planet IF, the Archive. Anything else is up to your creativity.

I’ve posted a very basic idea of what we’re after, but please don’t limit yourself to following my design or structure. Unlike the Archive’s CSS Comp you are free to write any HTML you like, and you’re free to include JS, though we don’t think much or any will really be needed.

Please submit designs by the 31st of January 2014, by posting them here in this topic (please attach as ZIP archives). Please feel free to collaborate, and if you have an idea for a change to another design, you can consider politely suggesting it to them. After the entries have been received there will be a week of popular voting, after which the winner will be proclaimed and the design uploaded!

If you have any suggestions for other links to be included on the home page, or an alternative ‘About IF’ paragraph, please suggest them here too. If the winning design excludes a link which the forum consensus thinks should be included it will be added in. Please do suggest alternative ‘About IF’ paragraphs - I used much of Emily Short’s description because it seemed the least encyclopaedic I could find, but even it ignores Twine-like choice based works which are now firmly part of the community’s corpus.

I should have remember the paragraph I wrote for the SPAG website:

If you were to explain IF as a whole to someone who didn’t know what it was, what would you say?

I usually just boot up iFrotz and type a couple of commands in 9:05. [emote]:)[/emote] A picture being worth a thousand words. Which is amazingly ironic in the context.

I have a suggestion. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page on my blog there are some RSS feeds for new content on IFDB, IFWiki and Planet IF. Some people have suggested that they should be on a separate page for easier access, but it would be nice if the front page could host them. Perhaps add a feed for new topics on the forum if that’s possible.

Something like this Juhana?