The Intercept

Bletchley Park, 1942. A component from the Bombe machine, used to decode intercepted German messages, has gone missing. One of the cryptographers is waiting to be interviewed, under direst suspicion. Is he stupid enough to have attempted treason? Is he clever enough to get away?

New short interactive fiction, written in inklewriter, and published online and for Kindle.


I am ecstatic that I can simply save the web page and thus play offline. :slight_smile:

Now if only I could do the same thing to (a purchased copy, naturally, of) your Frankenstein. :unamused:

I’m thinking of introducing an “export for Peter” button to all our tools. :wink:

I should note, if you download the Kindle version of The Intercept, you can play offline using the Kindle application, – which is just another interpreter, after all.