The IF Forum

Okay that’s a fancy title for something that doesn’t exist (yet). I’m wondering if it might work…so here’s the idea…

Once a month or every other month, we have a video conference setup to offer a workshop on some IF related topic. I can think of a bunch:

  • How to design a Twine game
  • How to design a parser IF game
  • How to develop conversation trees in Inform 7
  • How to unit test in TADS 3

We would need volunteers to do the workshop, prepare a slide deck, code snippets, and then answer questions.

We would probably keep a running poll of ideas people wanted seen in the forum and I would then wrangle someone to do the work.

By the way. I know the people that would not want to be wrangled, so no worries there.

I’ll even volunteer to do the first one…topic TBD.

Any thoughts?

David C.

Calling it a “forum” makes it sound like a phpBB, like, but you mean something quite different. Maybe something more like a Youtube channel?

If you put some videos on a Youtube channel, then called for volunteers to add more videos to the channel, that seems more likely to succeed.

Having said that, I suspect that there are very few people in the world who care to see a Twine tutorial and an Inform tutorial. Maybe better to have a Youtube channel just for videos on a particular platform. In particular, making a video walkthrough of Aaron Reed’s Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 sounds like an interesting and useful project.

The YouTube channel idea is a cool idea. :sunglasses:

A YouTube channel is a good idea.