The I7 Scene Feature Sucks

Inside of Outside Gantry Entrance is Gantry Elevator. The description of Gantry Elevator is "You're stand on the elevator at the bottom of the gantry. All around you the orange metal of the structure heads further up into the sky. The glory of the Cyclone VII is visible through the gaps in between the gantry beams. You can head up in the elevator or head outside." Pre-Liftoff is a scene. Pre-Liftoff begins when the player is in Gantry Elevator for the first time. When Pre-Liftoff begins: say "A voice echoes out saying that all astronauts should be in the superrocket in fifteen minutes.". Pre-Liftoff ends tragically when the scene ends and Loading Booth is unvisited. When Pre-Liftoff ends tragically: say "The superrocket, much to your dismay, takes off without you. Since you're pretty much pivotal to the entire mission, billions of dollars are wasted and your fired and sued. You end up living in jail with your entire family stuck in eternal debt. Good job."; end the game saying, "You have been sued like crazy."

I7 is a great coding system, but the scenes feature has been a nightmare so far to implement.

I’ve posted a functional version of this code on raif, but to address the particular problems here:

  1. the “saying…” syntax is not supposed to be followed by a comma; remove it, and you should get rid of that difficulty.

  2. your Loading Booth bit is not recognized as part of a condition is that you haven’t implemented a Loading Booth yet. Inform cannot translate “if the Loading Booth is visited” into a valid condition because it has no idea (yet) what the Loading Booth might be.

  3. “when the scene ends” is not meaningful to Inform as part of the condition either. In order to use types of ending, you need to specify the full condition for each individual ending; more-specific endings cannot be defined in terms of less-specific endings. So for instance

Pre-Liftoff ends tragically when the time since Pre-Liftoff began is 15 minutes and Loading Booth is unvisited.

(where Loading Booth is defined in the source).