The Hunter (Twine game)

Hello ! Here is The Hunter, a simple rpg game I’ve created with Twine.

In The Hunter, you have to hunt some monsters in order to be a master hunter. The main purpose of the game is to collect objects and trade them against points, then against medals by talking w]ith the hunter’s chief.

You can :

  • Choose your name before playing.
  • Save and load your game in 3 slot .
  • See your statistics and improve your level until lv 20 .
  • Cure your Hero during battle or in a town.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Thanks for any advices.


ooh! Choose your name BEFORE playing. That immediately takes care of the problem of writing a smooth narrative lead-in to the name question. What a simple, great idea.

Oh I didn’t invent anything. I just took that code :
(set: $Name to (prompt: “What’s your name ?”))

Each time you put (print: $Name) in your game that will print the chosen name :wink:

You can do the same thing with age or anything you want.