The hub of the community?

Does the IF community have a discussion hub anymore? It used to be in rec.arts/, I’m led to understand from several pieces of documentation. Is it still there, somewhere else (like here), or is there no real central “hub” any longer and the community has moved beyond that?

Thoughts anyone?

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There is not really one central hub. is one of the more important central organs of the IF community; from my perspective it’s about equal with (more social) ifMUD, (more reviewy) IFDB and (more long-winded) Planet-IF; each attract a different-but-overlapping crowd. And different people are likely to have somewhat different lists.

Thanks, maga! I had a feeling this was an important part of the community in some way or other, but wasn’t exactly sure what role it played.

Thanks for the tips about the other sites, they all look like good places to bookmark.