The Hours

Am I the only one getting extreme slowdown and huge spaces after each command in this entry? I’m not experiencing it with any other game, that I can tell.

I had the slowdown problem with The Hours, and the huge spacing with The Hours and at least one other game. I think it was Death of Schlig.

I only get the slowdown when playing on-line. The huge spaces are there also when running off-line. Don’t know if they are intended or not. If they aren’t, I can only sympathize, as I know how hard can be getting line breaks to work as expected in I7 for a newbie. Once you know how they exactly work it’s easy to control, but it takes a lot of struggle and trial and error to get there! (now that I think I finally almost got the whole picture of it, please, I7 developers, don’t change it [emote]:lol:[/emote] )