The good people

A choice-based game with a compelling horror narrative. I’ve posted a review of it on my blog.

Thanks for the review! One question, when you mention crashes, was it the game that crashed? Did you find a game-killing bug?

Wish I could help, but unfortunately all I have in my notes is that the game crashed near the ending (or at least what I thought was the ending), with all the available choices giving a fatal error.

@tmack Did you play the updated version or the first upload? All choices in the ending giving a fatal error was exactly the bug the original version had, that I fixed within 10 minutes of the comp going live.

@pseudavid: I downloaded all the files the day the competition began (though probably not that soon after they were released) and have been playing them all offline from that download, so that could be it. Is there a version number in the game I could check?

I’ve checked the single download for all games and the update is not there. The html file is from September 28th, while the corrected version is from October 1st.

Well, that settles it. At least I know that it’s not a new bug. Thank you!

(I’ll start putting version numbers in the games themselves.)