The Gijsbers Guilt Scale

Okay, so we all know and love the Zarfian Cruelty Scale.

Michael: “Where’s this game on the cruelty scale?”
Anne: “Oh, I’d say it’s pretty Merciful.”

But what we never knew we missed was the Gijsbers Guilt Scale.

Michael: “Where’s this game on the guilt scale?”
Anne: “Oh, I’d say it’s pretty Kerkerkruip.”

So without further ado:

The Baron: you’re totally guilty, and supposed to feel bad about it.
Fate: you’re totally guilty, but any jury would sob and acquit you.
Terminal Interface: you’re totally guilty, but let’s call it ‘victory’.
Turandot: you’re totally guilty, but your crimes are aesthetically pleasing.
Kerkerkruip: you would be totally guilty, if there were such a thing as morality.
Nemesis Macana: you’re totally guilty, BUT ONLY ACCORDING TO EVERYONE ELSE!!!

I’m afraid that possible updates will have to await expansion of the Gijsbers corpus.

Thanks for listening.


This is the day I found out our forum software doesn’t show more than three exclamation marks in a row. Or more than one comma, it turns out.


I appreciate that your IF work continues to provide useful tools for practical, everyday philosophy, Victor!

I, for one, am also awaiting this


Today is the first day in several months that I’ve actually been working on some IF. And, Aaron, you are pretty directly responsible for it with your 50 years of text series!


What, no dundercomma?

How am I going to post code in my new language IFython?

class Doobrey:
    def ,,init,,(self):
        await super().,,init,,()

… actually, I’m thinking the IDE should also permit Aawait if the user community goes that way :wink:

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Varicella: You’re totally guilty, but everyone else has terrible taste in wallpaper.


I like this idea. I also like the idea that my games have been steadily marching up the scale, with the latest squarely at the Kerkerkruip level of guilt. At the very least, It’s a good incentive for me to finish up another game and reach the end of the scale.