The game taunting you for doing something you cant do multiple times?

hello. working on a test for my roguelite.
here is my code.

Rule for printing a refusal to act in the dark a second time: if we are going down a second time, say "You feel a teensy bit brave in trying to go down anyway (again), but you decide that your life is worth more than proving yourself to god-knows-whom." instead. i7 seems to not like this. i’d like the game to do multiple different messages taunting you until it finally gets sick of you.

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I’d use an “instead of” rule with [or] descriptions like this:

Instead of going down say "[one of]It's too dark.[or]Seriously, it's really, really dark.[or]You're likely to be eaten by a grue.[or]Really? Even the threat of a Grue-some death isn't enough?[or]Okay, now you are just being silly I'm not listening to you anymore.[stopping]"

(I might have the syntax wrong because I’m at work so I can’t test it but examples like that are in the doco: 5.7. Text with random alternatives )


You want a [one of]…[stopping] construction.

Rule for printing a refusal to act in the dark:
    say "[one of]First[or]Second[or]Third and after[stopping]."

you both gave good solutions but i can only pick one. thank you both!

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