The game has finished: IFComp/Parchment problem?

I’ve uploaded a z-code game to the IFComp website, which allows users to play z-code games online using Parchment. Obviously, this is great. But when I try this Parchment version of the game, I see, upon quitting the game, the following text, which I do not see in either Gargoyle or the Windows Inform 7 IDE interpreter:

Now it’s a central element of the conceit of my game that it never acknowledges its status as a game. (I spent quite some time changing Inform 7 responses to ensure that!) So I’m not happy about this message suddenly popping up. Is this something done by either Parchment or the IFComp website? Is there a way I could turn this message off or change it?

That’s part of Gnusto I believe… the IF Comp site is still using an ancient version of Parchment.

Feel free to give this issue an upvote, and maybe a comment explaining how the out of date interpreter negatively affects your entry.