The Fourth Protocol - Part One - Beta

Testers required. for a copy. Rar file approx 20Mb

I’m interested in the subject, but… What format it is?

Oh, I see it’s a TADS game.


Yes this is a TADS 3 game…

Is it based on the book by Forsythe? I think I’d be happy (re)playing the classic.
I don’t know how much you are in a hurry, though. I’m mid-IFComp release.

I played this game many years ago on the Amiga 500.
If this game is anywhere near as good I’m looking forward to have a go at it.

The book is the same as the book although it is stripped down. I’ve put it into five parts to make it easier to program and debug.

Parts one and five can be played as a stand-alone, these are the smallest parts, I’m still working on the the others.

See the first post for my e-mail.