The Fortress of Fear - Version 3

Hi all,

Six months after its release I have at last received some feedback from a player about my adventure “The Fortress of Fear”. The player told me he is enjoying the game but he has got stuck and I realised that this was because of a bug!

I have now fixed the problem and have uploaded a new executable to Dropbox, and the downloadable blorb file on the ADRIFT adventure website has been replaced. I apologise to anyone who is playing or has played the game and got stuck because of this bug, details of which are below with a spoiler.

If you give the besom to the ghost of the farmer’s wife too soon, you are unable to sweep the grains of wheat in the silo into a pile. You should be able to SWEEP GRAINS WITH HANDS instead, but the bug prevented this working. This command now works properly.

Many thanks for reading the above.