The Flexible Window who had ideas above his station

In my project I’ve got a Flexible Windows text grid window showing an ascii map to the right of the main window.

What’s weird is that if you restart the game with the ‘restart’ command, on the first move of the restarted game, the map either doesn’t appear in the window, or appears but is misaligned. Any problems right themselves as soon as you make one move, or if you manually resize the application window, which forces the map to redraw immediately. This occurs both in the IDE and in compiled versions of the game.

The restart is using the ‘follow the immediately restart the VM rule’ method.

  • Wade

Zoom I assume?

Edited to add: Zoom doesn’t do initial window setup according to spec, and it may be that the issue is interpreter-specific. Hence my question!

Recheck this in Gargoyle and Quixe to see whether the problem is consistent between interpreters.

Yeah it happens in Gargoyle, which is my primary test place. Zoom already has enough problems that I only test there because I know some people will use it. If I ask Zoom how wide the text grid window is, it reports it in pixels.

There’s some programming issue to do with the printing of the map that I already had to address to make it print properly in both Zoom and Gargoyle (in one interpreter, one character goes off the screen, but that was an acceptable compromise to have it work 99% correctly in both interpreters.). However I see that in Quixe, the map is permanently misaligned. IE you do not have to restart to have this happen - it’s misaligned on initial play.

My 50th edit of this post - ACTUALLY, I think that technically the map printing routine is working right in Quixe, but the width of the flexible window is not being set correctly. This means it’s too narrow for the map, and that is what’s causing the misalignment. Though that’s not good either, obviously.

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Yes, Zoom is totally worthless for customizing text grid and text buffer windows due to the (spec-violating) pixel measurements it returns for all windows.

I’m not sure what to say about the Quixe issue, but does including an explicit instruction to refresh all windows after they have been opened fix the map issue in Gargoyle et al?

Unfortunately some manual refreshings don’t get rid of the problem.

My situation worsened microscopically today. I’ve since added a startup menu to the game, and now when the game proper begins (coming out of the menu section), the map is always misaligned on the first turn. So now I don’t have to restart to get the problem.

After your suggestion, I tried adding manual window refreshes at various points, and also tried stuff like opening and closing and opening windows, and just running the map drawing routine twice in a row on the first turn, but none of them do the trick. It’s weird!

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