The Everybody Limerick Thread (All games covered!)

You know, looking at the entries I didn’t get around to, I think they were a lot less intimidating than reviews, and they gave me a good idea of themes in the game without spoiling too much.

And I think this topic helped me get around to more I would’ve than otherwise, both just to have something to write and to say, hey, that’s worth a chance.

You know, we think of limericks (or other comic poetry) as frivolous, but when I go back to many reviews on the old newsgroups, back when Rule 4 was a Big Thing, I noticed something.

More than I’d expect are one or two sentences long, and I don’t know if they really encouraged me to try anything new. (Of course, I have more motivation to work through IFComp entries, since it helps boost the community, etc. But limericks may have more practical value than we think, and it may be a great way for people to warm up to longer reviews if they want, or even offer something very useful if they don’t have the time for a full review.)

All of this is a long-winded way of saying I hope this topic survives and thrives to 2024 and beyond, whether or not I’m able to participate–it certainly helped me write a few things beyond the confines of IFComp!


Andrew, I think my favorite one is:

A savannah jaunt, death-defyin’!
With external links to be tryin’!
Avoid those joke ends
And soon you’ll be friends
With one hella cute baby lion!

And these others are among my favorites:

The bad version makes folks say “Man, uh,
I have no recourse but to plan a
Most scathing review.”
But when privy to
The good? “Have the Golden Banana!”

Of perverts, this block must be rid! They’ll pay for that thing that they did! So ask, pharisee, Who could the perp be?
Not someone low-class, but your kid.

A murder has just come to pass. The mayor’s wife sheds tears en masse! She hopes you’ll be handy: A cop made of candy
Who’s not inclined to candy-ass.

Where IS that orb that helps you travel?
Spells learnt early on that you have’ll
Help you through a cottage
Of puzzle-a-lottage
As paths to said orb, you unravel.

These three do not take place on land ‘n
Just missed a link truly outstandin’.
It’d be three-in-one
If someone had done
Up an entry titled Abandon!

Mike, I think my winner of yours is:

Reincarnation sounds fun at first blush,
Except now the world’s turning to mush.
To my lover, adieu!
I won’t come back new;
Stupid Universe, I hate it so much!

And these others are up there with it:

Zorklang’s unbound by the laws of gods or of men,
And her lover gives her pleasure again and again.
A barony sure makes a nice gift;
Downside: there’s a lich,
And nobody in this city has an intact hymen.

Siblings circle each other, obsessed,
Recalling a banquet with lots of mean guests.
Dark political plots
Tie the story in knots;
Thank god there isn’t actually twincest!

@alyshkalia , I’ve got to go with your Prince Quiz one!

And @VictorGijsbers , all of your submissions were show-stealers.

@Draconis , very novel approach!

@JoeyAcrimonious , hilarious parody of limericking itself.

@Ally , still not too late to get your feet wet!

Fun times, people!


One King to Loot Them All by @Lancelot

               Through mystical portals he roamed,
                 Braving magic that danced and foamed
    To the necromancer's incantation,
Bravely defying his necrotic station,
            Smiting him dead and catacombed.
Spatially hidden word for those reading with a screen reader:



There once was an IFComp thread,
Where a fellow named John Ziegler said:
“Writing in prose is fine
But what would be divine
Is reviewing in lim’ricks instead!”

(@aschultz I totally missed your bonus limerick – I love it! Thank you!)


Wait, I saw what you did there to Xanthippe! :joy:


Bravo, Allyson! This thread’s going to be a busy place next year!


So, if there are no objections … I may be posting once a week or so here if anything comes up–that seems a good compromise between bumping things too much and forgetting totally.

There are entries I still want to get through and reviews I mean to post to IFDB & going through things again may touch off an idea or two.

I marked the final IFComp version on the spreadsheet, and I’d be interested to read what other people may think, post-comp, if they have a limerick to drop in.

(Note: I can’t promise any particular author or entry a limerick, though I’d really love to eventually run the gamut!)

For now, We All Fall Together – which I found effective to jump into my own vortexes (vortices?) I’d been putting off.

Though your old life was full of yecchs
To ditching it, you’ve wait-a-secs.
Chat with a Rock Star.
You’ll soon find you are
Brave. You WILL jump in that vortex!


I’ve got no objections to anyone continuing to use this thread! That would be impressive if you check them all off!


Let’s see how I can do! I’m down to 25 left, now. There are ones I wrote limericks for but didn’t complete, too. (Just reading the blurb and a few reviews–and I want to be relatively accurate. I mean I may use a bit of artistic license to stretch a point but I don’t want to miss huge clear facts.)

I hope to write stuff every Monday for as long as I have something. Today’s Tuesday, yeah, but I wanted to take time to jig a Python script to pick stuff up from my weekly files, so it’s easier to check what I wrote, etc.

There may (hopefully) be a double-post today. There are some entries I wrote more than one limerick for. They require a bit more checking that I didn’t, you know, invountarily copy previous limericks. Meanwhile …


Home furnishings, here, all in stock!
Great manuals, too, more’s the shock!
Build and take apart
Stuff. Rope, too, to cart
To get you prepped for Ragnarok.

Codename Obscura

A spy game in Adventuron!
A boomerang, to fight, you’ll don.
Horse race? End chase? Fun.
Setting? Italian.
But since I just know French, C’est bon.

Eat the Eldritch

To find your eccentric cook, Carter
To feed you? Not hard, as a starter.
Next up: a sea beast
You must make deceased.
For that, you must work a bit smarter.


Semi-spoilers to the mystery here. No puzzle spoilers, but a warning still seems appropriate.

At work there’s that one ex-colleague
The thought of whom causes fatigue.
While hatred may burn
Few, as here, return
For a sabotaging blitzkrieg.

One King to Loot them All

A linear, straightforward plot?
You’re chosen to fight evil’s blot
Then chat with the sage.
What thought’s center-stage?
“Uh-oh. Something big I forgot!”

And one I already did…

The Whale’s Keeper

Oceanography? You’re adept
Thus, this fate you’ll gladly accept:
A most freakish tide
Will wash you inside
A whale by whom you too are kept.

Creative Cooking (2)

Ingredients, you will need three
Once you have read your recipe
You’ll make progress when
Friends not quite human
Give aid in the world of Railei.

A MagX game, pleasant and quick.
HELP puts fourth-wall chat in the pic.
To cook, rely twice
On your friends’ advice
And then on your pointer shaped stick

*Dr Ludwig and the Devil* (3)

A doc who upset a large mob
By tackling the “make new life” prob
Dealt too with the Devil
The stakes? Highest-level!
Could he execute a con job?

A doc with no qualms of grave robbing
Or, too, evil spirit hobnobbing
Seemed doomed to brimstone
'Til one loophole, known!
Cue said evil spirit’s curse-lobbing.

He acts weird, that mob leader, Hans.
Chit-chat gives a friendly response.
He just might give aid
So Satan’s betrayed
If the right thought pops in your bonce.

“Rennan” can be pronounced two different ways, maybe…

*The Enigma of Solaris* (4)

Cold-hearted Commander Rennan
Of knowledge supreme babbles on
Conflict lies ahead:
Will you leave folks dead
So progress, from your trip, will spawn?

Cold-hearted Commander Rennan
Concocted a heck of a plan
For knowledge. The price
May seem quite divis-
Ive. Let him, or say “No way, man?”

Commander Rennan’s just zis guy.
He’s fully sold out to AI.
Stop him, if you wish
Though first you may fish
To find out his how and his why.

Commander Rennan! Dude, ahem!
That’s one whopping Trolley Problem!
Let humanity
Prevail, or decree:
“More knowledge! Who cares about THEM?”

*Gestures Towards Divinity* (4)

Did Bacon use poor sad George Dyer?
You, as an art gallery pryer
will get to decide
And maybe, too, hide
From a grumpy barista’s ire.

Not-writer-artist Francis Bacon
For paintings, great plaudits was rakin’.
Here though we explore
His psyche. In store:
Stuff to start some folks for-Pete’s-sakin’.

Bacon was an artistic guy.
Controversial, not gonna lie.
Choose if his life rates
“Pass those pearly gates”
Or if in hell this bum should fry.

This Bacon guy? Kind of a pig.
His artistic presence? Quite big.
Step in his portraits.
Learn their subject’s fates.
Up to you, if Bacon, you dig.

*Hand Me Down* (4)

This or that, right? Choice or parser?
With this one, how the boundaries blur!
As both integrate,
We find, to relate
To the cast, we do not demur.

A parser game in a choice wrapper:
Your father’s sick. A pleasure-sapper.
He’s left you today
A text game to play.
Of things in your lives, it’s a mapper.

Your father, with time that he had
Wrote IF one might call “not bad.”
The whole work, though, gives
Some neat perspectives
On memories of you and his dad.

Your dad wrote you this nice text game!
A few puzzles drag on. A shame.
But since he’ll soon be
In for surgery,
This work of love, please don’t defame.

*The Whisperers* (4)

One death, Stalin mused? Tragic, that.
Ten million, he said, was a stat.
Each way the crowd votes
Nikolai’s screwed, totes:
See, first-hand, what Stalin got at.

Don’t mess with the NKVD.
Informants are everywhere, see?

Escape’s not a thing
Unless you can bring
Your mouse over choice number three.

It’s well known these days Josef Stalin
Ruled Russia with cruelty appallin’
And here in this play
You may choose the way
One family there, apart, got fallin’.

My mind swayed a bit when I read
A book titled Koba the Dread
By Martin Amis
(Whom I like) but this
Engaged me to replay, instead.