The Entropy Cage (post-comp & android release)

The Entropy Cage’s post-ifcomp version is available on Google Play Store as a free android app.

The post ifcomp version will soon be available also available from the IDFB page.

The changes from the IFCOMP2014 version and this version (1.0.1) are:

  • reseed() instead of punish()
  • first scene removed
  • now with 100% more atrocities
  • misc. edits, spelling and formatting

Thank you to everyone for all their suggestions, criticism and support.

Congrats on getting this done before the new year! It looks like you’re the first with a post-comp version, but other competitors are right behind you.

Reseed makes more sense and feels right, but I’ll miss punish().

Damnit! unintentional spoiler of the adult-if version. And thanks :slight_smile: