The Dragon and the dwarves in Advent

I remember(?) the dragon killing off or chasing away any dwarves if the player enter its den with the dwarves in tow. Now I can can’t find this happening in Advent350 or Advent430, am I having a Mandela effect moment?

Edit: Embarrassing typo. (Apparently I can’t spell embarrass in first try either.)

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I think the dragon is killed very simply! Extremely simply! I think it has nothing to do with the dwarves.

I didn’t know the term “Mandela effect”, I had to look it up, but I think I had a share of that effect once and a time.

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I think you’ll find this is the ogre, not the dragon, and it occurs in Don Woods’ 430-point version (WOOD0430).

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Oh, I know how to deal with the dragon, I am just perplexed by the lack of interaction between the dragon and the dwarves. I thought they did interact.

I knew that too, in fact I coded that interaction with the ogre in my port of Advent430 then and I was getting ready to do the one with the dragon. Then I realized there wasn’t any, hence the question :thinking:.

Your port? Has that been published? If so, what platform?


No it’s ongoing. And it is based on ESR’s Open Adventure, a forward port of Advent430. I am using Dialog and hopefully it will fit in z5, if not then z8.


Yes, this is a thing. Any dwarves that happen to appear while you’re in the dragon’s presence will get burned up. It won’t work if they simply follow you into the area unfortunately, so the only way to trigger this on purpose is to hang around by the dragon and wait for a dwarf to show its face.


It may be a peculiarity of Graham Nelson’s Inform port:

if (Dragon in location) {
    "A dwarf appears, but with one casual blast the dragon vapourises him!";

It’s apparently based on David Baggett’s TADS version, but I couldn’t find it there so it could be one of the things this bit of the documentation speaks of:

    "The dwarves are simpler in their movements, but on the other hand I have added
    a very few messages to make them interact better with the rest of the game.
    The probabilities are as in the original game.^^";

Ah, that’s where I have seen it then. Thanks for the peace of mind Torbjörn.