The Corsham Witch Trial - IF test request

​Hi all, I’m a recent sign up here and looking to develop/try out some interactive fiction. I’ve posted my first attempt and am keen on any comments/feedback/playtest swaps that people are able to give me.

My first IF, “The Corsham Witch Trial”, is a procedural crime tale, following a conversation between two paralegals examining an old case: the trial of a child services manager following the disappearance and killing of a vulnerable young girl in the UK. The reader examines the evidence and selects points of view from which to discuss the material as their most experienced colleague responds and provides context to the files.

Link to IF on itch

Please send a reply if you want me to try something of yours in return. I know IF can be quite niche but I’m keen to gather people’s experiences with this and hone the user journey.


Thanks for giving this your time Kaemi and for sharing your notes with me. Youve provided some valuable work ons for me as I begin the process of polishing and improving this piece (and getting better acquainted with the powers and limitations of Twine).

Sometimes just knowing that something should be possible is enough to nudge you in the direction of a fix so you’re notes about the links (the disappearing text and the Drive hosting) have been pushed to the top of my “to do” list.

I also can’t thank you enough for the attention you gave the text itself, I shall be further refining and tweaking it with your comments in mind.

If I can ever return the favour in some way please do let me know.