the comp, many years ago

I maintain a blog where I scan ads for old video games and talk about them and how they were marketed with the benefit of hindsight. Sometimes this process reveals unexpected jewels of wisdom totally secondary to my being in there in the first place. Case in point:

I didn’t realise we had friends in influential industry positions from so early on! I guess the revival has been an ongoing process since about 1986! It’s a bit funny to see the scene’s goals defined so similarly in '97 as they are today.

I dare say it’s been a while since the last PC Gamer plug, no?

(is um that Grim Fandango interview going on your blog because I would quite like to read that)

(edit: never mind, the internet had me covered. I love you, the internet.)

Well, sort of pretty recent:


Wow, this scan is sort of double-retro. Very nice and entertaining. From before I was aware of all this fun–thanks for digging it up.