The Classic Adventurer Magazine

Whilst looking for details about an 8-bit game I played in my youth, I stumbled upon this gorgeously produced publication on classic adventure games:

The Classic Adventurer

It focuses largely on the UK IF scene of the '80s, so great for nostalgia if you’re British and my age, and an interesting insight into the UK scene otherwise.


There are now eight issues of the Classic Adventurer available for free download; with the option of printed versions for collectors.

Classic text adventure authors that are interviewed include Veronika Megler (The Hobbit), Hugo Steers and Anita Sinclair (Magnetic Scrolls), Pete and Mike Austin (Level 9), Colin Jordan (Five on a Treasure Island), Charles Cecil (Artic Adventures and Broken Sword), Tim Gilberts (of Gilsoft), Fergus McNeill (The Boggit, The Colour of Magic and Mindfighter), and Scott Adams (no reference necessary).

Plus lots of other UK text adventure developers from the past, are interviewed together with new text adventure authors and system developers from around the world like José luis Salgero (Revenge), Chris Ainsley (Adventuron), Julia Minamata (The Crimson Diamond) and Ben Jones (Mushroom Hunt).

Well worth checking out in my opinion.


Thanks Gareth :rofl:

I didn’t want to put people off trying it, Stefan. :slight_smile:

Ah yes that makes sense of course :smiley:

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A brand new “special edition” of Classic Adventurer is now available… The cover feature is a look at the making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of adventure games… with comments from the, usually uncredited talent who worked on them.

Definitely well worth a read for fans of text adventure game history…