"The Chinese Room" hint request

I’m very much enjoying this game. However, I cannot seem to find a certain fruity object which has a very distinctive colour.

Where is the banana?

@Joey see above :slight_smile:

Hint: you need to interact in a certain way with the librarian.

I can hint you further if needed.


@Joey , thanks for the help.

Kissing, hugging, hitting, … the librarian does not produce a banana.

Other than that, I have exhausted the TALK TO-list.

Of course, there is the possibility that I give h/er a certain library-worthy object, but that would interfere with my hypothesis, a thought that makes me shudder., and that just shuffles the order of the problem.

The sequence I now have in mind goes as follows:

-Find banana (???)
-Dye banana blue in librarian’s inkwell
-Show blue banana to Dr. Mary and get laptop-printer
-Give printer to Comrade Marx and get Das Manifest
-Read Das Manifest aloud to Platonists and get earmuffs and Plato’s book
-Give Plato’s book to librarian.
As I understand you there is something wrong with the order of these steps and I would first have to procure Plato’s book to swap it for the Banana? So where’s the book?

I will not allow facts to ruin my beautiful model, unless I really, really have to to win this game.

You’re definitely on the right track. You need to give a book to the librarian first. If you don’t have anything appropriate I can hint you on which puzzle you need to solve before this.

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Yes please.

Have you helped out Aristotle yet?

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Uhm,… No. Haven’t even come across the old bugger yet. I must still be missing a room here or there.

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Have you been to the pub? It’s one of the locations in the town.

Yes, I swindled Sartre out of his worthless wallet there and got fifty pence change from the waitress.

A short recap maybe of what else I have done:

-put the burden of proof on the IPU
-saved mum from the mill
-used the trophy to fix the lantern
-gave 3 kinds of black (dye, paint, pitch) to the colourful raven
-gave the bat’s autobiography to Nagel
-unlocked the padlock in Plato’s cave

On my to-do list I have:


-and, apparently, a book that I have to meet Aristotle to get a hold of.

I’ll start with re-examining the Café.

Ahh, no there is a tavern/inn/pub (cant remember what we called it) off of the main street which isn’t the same as the cafe. (This isnt a spoiler, it’s not meant to be difficult to find.)

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Aha, turns out I have indeed missed a spot there. Thanks, I’ll go there right away.

From your messages, I cunningly deduce that you are the Joey who co-wrote this fiendish game.
If I can get a hold of this Aristingeling-whatsisname and finish the game, I’ll be reviewing it on IFDB (favorably if things keep going like they are.)

Edit: I have just slapped my head forcefully. There is indeed a tavern next to the café.


Yes, well deduced! I co-wrote the game (back when I was a philosophy undergrad).

Best of the luck with the rest of the game-- the intuition pump can also be used as an in game hint system.

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