The Case of the Phantom Feelies

So, I download the comp games and I start digging in, and I pick a folder that sounds good and I’m like “yeah, cool, game file, yeah cool, cover and … OH MY GOD …”

There’s an angelic choir, and sunbeams and stuff, because there is an archive that indicates it contains feelies. I love feelies. Feelies are the best.

So I open it, all excited … and it just contains a folder, which contains the cover again. Same cover I saw already.

And so, after sobbing uncontrollably for a while, I pull myself together and turn away from the offending game, having been wounded quite deeply enough by it, and move onto the next folder that looks good.

And the same. thing. happens.

Okay, I realize I7 is probably spitting that fake feelies file out automatically or something, but GEEZ. Effing delete it if it’s a cruel, hateful lie made of cruelty and hate and not-truthiness, because that cuts like a KNIFE. Into my soul. Wielded by Hitler, only not even REGULAR Hitler, like … special evil Hitler from a comic book, where he’s got clone Hitlers and battlesuits and rayguns ONLY NOT AS COOL AS THAT since that would at least be kind of cool in addition to the hurting.

Just. Geez.

There’s some weirdness there that we need to fix. I’ve added it to my comp to-do list. Thanks!

Couldn’t they just get uploaded directly into the game’s folder? No need for a zip that I can think of.

Sargent, have you added the cover files problem to the to-do list? I have to keep saying this until I hear acknowledgment.

  • Wade