The Bungaric Society. An Interactive Storytelling experiment

Hello IF!

We are two bachelor students from Medialogy at Aalborg University in Denmark, making a project about storytelling, and we would be thrilled if you wanted to try it out :slight_smile:

It’s a small “game” called “The Bungaric Society”, and is an experience where the characters act in real-time based on moods, inclinations, and societal rules.
It’s not strictly speaking IF, but we were thinking you might still be interested, since it is closely related to interactive storytelling, storytelling in games, etc.

First, you will be asked to download the game here:, and play it for around 2-3 minutes. Then you will be taken to a questionnaire (5-10 minutes), which we would really appreciate if you answered.

As part of our experiment, half of you will experience a more interactive version and half will experience a more non-interactive version. Please just stick with the one you are given, as we need responses on both. If you are interested in trying the other afterwards, we might be able to upload a version that allows for that :slight_smile:

PS: If this is in any way goes against forum rules, I apologize, and understand if you shut the post down. But I hope you will consider taking a look :slight_smile:

Are you looking for this to be more widely disseminated? I’d be happy to share a link on social media.

Yes, please, if you would :smiley:
We only plan to keep it up for one more day, though, but any last minute participants is more than welcome :slight_smile: