The Bitter Drop: DEMO and early pre-orders now up!

The Bitter Drop (technically the first part, 1. Sparrows) is now up on! There’s a text-only (for now) demo and cheap (like around 1/3 of the final price, likely) pre-orders are available.

Lev Venyaminovich/Lyubov Venyaminovna Morgenshtern isn’t anybody in particular; a small-time writer of pulp horror, a dabbling mystic, once the star pupil of Svet Dmitrin’s best yeshiva, poised to become a notable rabbi … but that’s the past, and Lev/Lyubov, genderfluid, genderfucked, gay, is now homeless.

Until one Anzu Tamiratovich Menelik takes pity, provides a place to stay. How can one not fall in love, then? Anzu is a necromancer, a dandy, and he’s got his own secrets to keep.

As Lev/Lyubov recovers from a rough run of months, Anzu reveals that he’s uncovered something rather eldritch going down in the city … but following the trail will cost the two of them dear.

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