The Awakening II (rework of original)

I’m a fan of Dennis Matheson’s “The Awakening” from 1998, but there’s a few tweaks I want to make, so what better excuse than to start porting to ZIL … :smiley:

This is VERY work in progress and in fact only two locations have been coded so far. … ism-wcogUI

Thanks for this! However, there seems to be a problem with unprintable characters causing question marks in Gargoyle and the default Linux Libertine font.


Hum! Thanks for that, how odd! Ok i’ll take a look, at this point in time I have no clue what it could be but i’ll check it out. Cheers!

Ok - yes - seems to be a case of where i’ve split a paragraph due to length and wanting to keep it on one screen during coding.

I use Notepad++ and code in ZIL (good ol’ Z code). For example…


<TELL “You remember darkness, and cold. Cold, darkness, and silence.
Those memories are all that you have, save for a feeling that something you once posessed has been lost.” CR CR>
<TELL “The oblivion you knew is split by a blinding light and crash of sound!
You awaken, gasping for air, to the roar of a storm and deluge of rain and mud.” CR CR>

I’ll try tweaking the sentence structure etc and upload a new file later on.

Thanks for letting me know!


I’d consider this a bug in ZIL, actually. Line breaks within quoted text acting as CR would make sense, and their being ignored would also make sense. But it looks like the ASCII values for a carriage return and line feed are actually being compiled into the string, which causes a problem because ZSCII (the Z-machine character set) has no character assigned to ASCII’s carriage return codepoint.

Greetings Adam. Best of luck with the game; I’ve always fancied myself a Lovecraft fan and the Awakening was one of the first IF horror games that actually gave me chills (the second being the Lurking Horror).