The Awakening - Dennis Matheson

Hey all,

Has anyone played Dennis Mathesons ‘The Awakening’?

Does anyone have a walkthrough please, or perhaps can help me as I’m stuck!

There is a church vestibule, a trap door on the ceiling, you can reach it by using some old railing that acts as a ladder. Once up you find yourself in the Steeple chamber, you can climb a rope to get to the church bell. There’s a locked door to the north, no key and it won’t break down, you can tie the rope to the door and then climb up and push the bell; it falls out the window pulling the rope and ripping open the door … However … I’m then stuck! I can’t get back down as the rope is gone and I’m stuck on the beams at the top of the belfry!


Advice appreciated. Thanks!

Answered … via our Infocom Facebook page with a whopping four members! :smiley: