The Andromeda Legacy™ /// A Competition - KNOWNFACTS

---- WARNING ---- BIG SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t read if you don’t want to ruin your gaming experience.

The Timeline

[spoiler]Years are based on Monarch revolutionary process around the major star, Korhos. Comparisons between Monarch’s and Earth’s years are not available.

3000-8140 - The Third Age.

Sometimes, before 7892 - The first colonists come to Andromeda from another galaxy.

7892 - The Event - Start. A brilliance starts enveloping the neighboring galaxy.

8140/d3/m4 - The Event - Explosion/End. The Event first collapses that deflagrates, obliterating the neighboring galaxy and part of Andromeda itself.

8140 - Fatimah is dislocated by the Event and starts circling Korhos.

8140-8150 - Andromeda population is decimated. People go and live in the Mechanosatellites.

8140-8350 - The Ancient Days - Monarch is slowly repopulated as the technology returns to its former advancement.

8199/d12/m5 - The First Initiative is signed by the Council of the Thirteen.

8200-8350 - The Constructs and the Settlements are being built.

8350-9855 - The Modern Days

9855/d25/m3 - The Alpha Radiation is discovered by Dr. Andy Re’s and Dr. Ektor Mastiff.

9855/d9/m4 - Dr. Andy Re’s is killed by unknown assailant in the backstreet of his house.

9855/d10/m4 - The Second Event. Monarch is wiped clean by the Fatimah Tides. The Hyerotropes activate and leave Monarch.[/spoiler]