The amazing interactive turing machine

It is a game in inform7, i might not remember the name exactly :unamused: . Lost it and couldnt find it on the net anymore. Does anyone have it? … ng_Machine

Like you said, we seem to have missed out on it. Damn. It’s a bit before I started collecting IF, which is why I missed out.

I’m chiming in and asking - if anyone knows about it, please share.

I’ve got a copy of it. Not that source code as far as I know, though, sorry.
Amazing Interactive Turing Machine.zblorb (161 KB)

Thank you ever so very very much.

Thanks a lot Emerald! If anyone has the source, please speak up!

Gamefile + sourcecode are archived:

Hmmm, I had a look. What’s the idea with this game then?

I saw that entry, and that bit you quoted. And I’m still clueless about what to do with the game.

Have you read the SPAG review of it?

I have now. It was fairly explanatory. But since I’m still in the dark, I guess it’s just not for me. I’m cool with that.