The 20 Room Adventure Comp

This is a Comp for a well written, fun, and interesting text adventure. Within the confines of 20 rooms. Any genre, any topic, and coding language. Let’s bring back the tiny small world Adventures. Let’s do it people.

Do you have to submit intents early? Who is judging, or is it just a fun for all?

I’ll be judging and it’s for fun.

I don’t want to slow you down, but note that 20 rooms is not tiny! Hitchhiker’s was only 31 rooms. (Albeit divided into many regions, so it didn’t feel small.)

Based on what OP has posted elsewhere, I think the context is Scott Adams style rooms rather than Infocom style rooms.

Yes, if you’ve played his games you’ll see his rooms tend to consist of rooms descriptions and two exits. Occasionally three. That puts “20 rooms” into perspective.

What are the rules?