Thanks to all those reviewing IFcomp games

Thanks so much to everyone posting reviews. I’ve never been involved in any active part of the IF community, and have spent most of my time rummaging through IfDb and old blogs for games and reviews.

It’s a wonderful experience to see other people commenting and talking about brand new games that I’ve tried and enjoyed. It’s been fun following the prolific bloggers like Doug Egan and Emily Short, the hit-and-run reviewers that do a game or two, and even the Italians at oldgamesitalia, who provide a unique perspective.

I also appreciate those like Wade Clarke who look for games that don’t or won’t get many reviews due to platform and other issues.

If anyone is thinking about doing reviews, but isn’t sure if anyone wants to hear their opinion, I can tell you: everyone wants to hear your opinion. Whether it’s one game or 55, a ‘let’s play’ or a ‘what the heck did I just play’, it’s great to read. Thanks for making my first comp fun!

Ditto everything [emote]:)[/emote]

Positive and negative-but-correct reviews are all helpful, and it’s utterly fascinating to read so many different takes on games I’ve played.

Agree 101%.

This is a general comment that I’m behind with responding in general to those who’ve reviewed. (Someone sent a transcript, which can be even better than a review! Murphy’s Law kicks in and you realize someone found a very sensible and non-trollish way to poke a hole in your world.)

And I agree: even a list of likes and dislikes is a HUGE help. There are reviewers out there who bring great analysis, but nobody need apologize for being straightforward.

[size=1]I might need to apologize for what I’m doing over in the other thread.[/size] Anyway…

I just want to point out that the not only isn’t the stuff I’m doing over in the other thread are NOT reviews, they are also NOT my opinion. The scoring’s made up and the points don’t matter.

[size=150]However[/size], I am actually playing the games, of course, so if you see your game in my list and you want some real comments on it, you’re always welcome to ask (PM or reply in-topic).

That’s right, the points don’t matter at all! Just like Blair Witch 2.

[rant]I’m shooting in the dark by answering a quote with a reference from the same program, of which I saw only the one episode. If you’re confused, well, that’s why.[/rant]

oh, I thought that was a reference to “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Which was a televised improvisation show, so everything really WAS made up, or drawn from a hat.

See this guys gets it. #PLUS

But I think of it more like a cross between WLIIA and CinemaSins.

It was, and I only ever saw one episode, and that was because Robin Williams was there. I watched it multiple times, and in that particular one the follow-up to the points thing was the Blair Witch crack.

Anyway, it’s not that points don’t mean anything; points mean prizes. I am Spartacus!


If you know this, you’ve been loving English radio panel gameshow comedy for decades now, and you’ve even seen it live (well, televised, at least). In the same show: Graeme Garden plays Darth Vader playing Lady Brackwell, and Barry Cryer plays Obi Wan-Kenobi playing Algernon for Wilde’s “Importance of Being Ernest”.

EDIT - Ermm…




Wait wait wait WHAT? Where can this be found?

It’s a radio show, but Garden does a mean Vader!

It’s on YouTube, I think it’s the one filmed “I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue”. Still with Humphrey Littleton - possibly his last, or certainly one of his last.

It also includes a GPS-powered Mornington Crescent and my personal favourite, The Quiz of Quizzes.