Thanks and congratulations from an author.

I am the author of ‘Bullhockey!’, and I want to thank all of you who have tried my game, rated it, and/or reviewed it. I admit, it wasn’t exactly a good ‘fit’ for this competition, but I achieved my goal of having it seen and played.

I wish good luck to all other authors and congratulations, in advance, to the winner.

B F Lindsay

I suppose it’s little surprise that I’m the author of Ailihphilia. I lampshaded this several places in the game (credits, dev ed, etc.)

But it was good to see each game get a topic in the game discussion forum, among other things.

And I’d like to mention that other games who weren’t a good fit for the competition wound up being memorable…The Gostak and Rameses come to mind. The importan thing is, was it fun to write, and did you want people to enjoy playing it, and did you do what you could to give people the best chance to? For most of us authors, I think the answer is yes.