I’ve just started poking at Texture, which seems like an answer to my fondest wishes for something that plays a little more like a parser-based game but isn’t so inaccessible to newcomers, but I’ve been kind of stymied by the complete lack of documentation. My particular issue at the moment is that while I can figure out how to set and unset flags, I can’t figure out how to have them do anything (there must be a way to change text/options based on whether a flag is set or not, right? What would even be the point otherwise?), so if anyone could explain that to me like I’m five, I’d really appreciate it. Any other useful tips about how to do things that aren’t immediately obvious would be great too.


There is an interactive tutorial where they walk you through making an example game “So Meta”. I know there’s a way to re-trigger it, but I can’t seem to locate it. I thought it was under “settings”.

The tutorial can be restarted from the “caret menu” (the upwards pointing arrow next to the “Create a new story” button in the library).

The tutorial has a short section about flags, but Jim is planning to write more comprehensive flag tutorial in the near future.

Thanks! I feel silly now–I poked around the site for ages trying to find it and I never clicked on that arrow. I didn’t realize it was a menu at all.