Text Output switching to Flexible Windows

Hey Everyone

I am dealing with a rather odd issue, which is happening with the Flexible Windows extension. Sometimes text that was supposed to be reported in the main window, is reported and posted in the left window for no apparent reason. It happens randomly, and is very hard to replicate.

It also sometimes freezes the main window, and makes it impossible to progress, since you can’t type commands into the main window after it has happened.

I have attached an image of it happening.


Any help is much appreciated.


Which version of Flexible Windows?

Can you share some cut down code which this happens for?

Thats the thing, i’m not sure what is causing it, as it happens randomly and is hard to replicate reliably. I was hoping that it was some rule i had left out and not declared, permitting this kind of behaviour. I can share the code for creating the windows though.

The left-window is a text grid g-window spawned by the main window.
The position of the left-window is g-placeleft.
The scale method of the left-window is g-proportional.
The measurement of the left-window is 15.

The right-window is a g-window spawned by the main window.
The position of the right-window is g-placeright.
The scale method of the right-window is g-proportional.
The measurement of the right-window is 14.

When play begins:
	open the right-window;
	open the left-window.

Rule for refreshing left-window:
	say "whatever i want in left window here".	

Rule for refreshing right-window:
	say "whatever i want in right window here".	
Every turn:
	refresh right-window;
	refresh left-window.

Though, i just realized i am using an outdated version of flexible windows, since it was updated 2 months ago on the github. I am going to use the new version, and hope that fixes it. I will report back if it doesn’t :slight_smile: