Text for room entry, not for look

Is there a way to print variable text that shows when a player enters a room, but doesn’t show when a player "look"s while they’re already in the room.

Use case: the player enters a room, and a message greets them, but I wouldn’t want that greeting to appear if the player uses the “look” verb while already in the room. If they exit and come back in, they get the greeting again.

I feel like I knew this once upon a time, but my Friday brain isn’t remembering it if so.

You can make the room’s description “The description of Kitchen is …”
and then you can have an instead rule to replace the Look action. :grinning:

Probably the easiest way to do this is by writing a rule like “after going to the kitchen: say ‘foo.’; continue the action.)

(Written on my phone, so not tested. Continue the action is needed because by default an after rule preempts the report rules that in this case will print the regular room description).


After GOING. Thanks!

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