Text flicking between sizes on iPhones for Twine 2.3.5, Harlowe 3.1.0

Hi there,

I’ve been developing a short new game on Twine (2.3.5, using Harlowe 3.1.0)
I’ve published the game and hosting it on itch and text adventures
I’ve encountered a problem on some phones where the text is jumping between different sizes in landscape, so when the page first loads it is small and then jumps to larger, or sometimes is larger and then jumps to small.

I’ve tried using some @media text to allow for responsive screen sizing in relationship to changing screen size, and also have had a look at the html to add in previously suggested material:

But can’t seem to get any of the above to have an impact.
I wondered if anyone had any advice on this issue?
Thanks so much!

The HTML template used by the Harlowe story format is missing the view-port related <meta> element commonly used when developing a “Responsive” web-page / web-application. The lack of this element can result in “scaling” issues when a Harlowe based story HTML is viewed within a mobile related web-browser.

You would need to manually edit your generated story HTML file to add the missing <meta> element.