Text boxes, and interactive/conditional outputs in Sugarcube 2.31.1

I want to have a bonus textbox in my detective game where you can try and typing a command.
and Id like to make it so if they typed ‘check tables’ in the the textbox
the game would say “You found a key!” and then add the key to your inventory.
Also I use Chapel’s Simple Inventory System.
Hope that’s clear enough. Thanks!

What you’re talking about is creating an interpreter. This is actually a rather huge task and not something which could be explained simply in a post.

If you want something like that, I’d recommend instead using an image and an image map, which would allow people to click on locations on the image to perform different tasks. You can take a look at my “Clicking Parts of Images” sample code to see how you could implement something like that.

Hope that helps! :grinning:


Oh wow I had no idea! thank you!