Text-based story jam 2022 from Tumblr

On impulse, I did a search for Tumblr IF and found this jam that recently closed, Interact-if’s 2022 Game Jam (original post). It was a month-long thing and they got a very respectable 23 entries. Most seem to be Twine or Unity; I’ve played a few and, as always, quality varies, but there’s been at least one that I’d rate very highly.

I think I’m gonna lawnmower a bunch of these, they’re short and it’s a fascinating look into another part of the IF world. There seems to be a lot of stuff going on - you can scroll through interact-if’s page to get an idea of what kinds of stuff seems popular, though I don’t know how large or small they are in relation to the total of IF-y stuff on Tumblr.


This is cool, and it’s pleasing to see Tumblr’s IF community is doing so well :slight_smile: