Text Adventure Literacy Jam - Results

The results are in for the “Text Adventure Literacy Jam”.

Well done to Tristen Grizel for her winning entries (1st & 3rd), Dee Cook for taking 2nd place, Ricardo Oyon in 4th place, and Caleb Wilson in 5th place.

The wonderful Scott Adams will judge the top 5 entries for a special prize, but thanks to all entrants. A really good turn-out, and some nice beginner-focused games have been produced via the jam.

If you are in the mood for a good time, do check out the games, and leave a note for the authors. I’m sure they’d love it.



5th place was Caleb Wilson.

I tried to play Sentient Beings, but after answering “Sound - No”, it seems to hang. There’s a shaking little square on lower right corner, but otherwise nothing. No text, no message, no download progress indicator.

FYI, I’m using Android phone. Apparently, it’s not compatible? Do you have YouTube Let’s Play videos on them so I can at least know how they play?

Tap the screen.

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I must be rusty or something. I can’t even store a specimen, or set controls to correct settings.

Is there a walkthrough somewhere?
Looks cute, though.

Edit: nevermind. I found the walkthrough.

You have to return the specimens to the spaceship. If I remember rightly, you can’t just drop them anywhere, or they’d be destroyed.

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Thank you. I needed to first open the box. Then drop specimen, and all the specimens are stored automatically. I already got 10. Not sure I want to continue, though. Although the robot humor helps. That’s a very nice touch!

The design looks great. About the only thing that tripped me at first was setting the controls and menu interface. I didn’t know I needed to set both day and night settings all at once. And the menu doesn’t seem to take keyboard input, needing clicks on screen. But I got through them eventually.

Overall, I get a good impression of the game. Very nice game!

Some of the specimens are very easy to find and some are quite tricky. There are a few nice puzzles as you get deeper into the game. I’d suggest sticking with it for a while longer. Just remember that half the specimens are found during the day and half are found during the night. It can be quite a challenge to find them all. There’s a robot instruction that allows it to wait for day or night. You might need that later on when you’re getting down to the last few specimens.

Oh, I got the night and day setting immediately. The sleeping robot a little while later. I collected the specimens from area 1 and 2, complete. I’m not sure there’s saving game, though. I did get the resume game on the web, but i don’t know how long it will hold. Area 3 will be next, assuming I get there.

Adventuron has five save game slots.

Slot 0 - Autosave
Slot 1 - User Slot 1
Slot 2 - User Slot 2
Slot 3 - User Slot 3
Slot 4 - Ramsave Slot

Slot 0 is the one you saw where it saves your current session automatically.

Type SAVE to save a game in slots 1 to 3 and it prompts you which slot to use. The used slots are marked with a timestamp for when it comes to restoring a game.

Type RAMSAVE to save to slot 4 without being prompted.

In addition to all this, type SAVEF to save to a file in case you don’t trust your browser.

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Somehow I can’t find the instructions for electrical panel. Flipping the switches doesn’t seem to work. How do I make it so all lights are green?

There’s a walkthrough, but see if I can avoid using it.

Edit: I gave up and used the walkthrough. I still don’t understand the puzzle. Looks like it’s more of a reading puzzle to me. I had expected brain tease puzzle. Misplaced expectation apparently.

Edit: I finished the game. Very good game overall. Some niggling bits such as X BADGE, PANEL, and ECHO, where the keyword is found in an otherwise inactive setting? I could be wrong about that, but it still uses different colored text. Still, I enjoyed it immensely.