Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024 has started

I’m not interested in navel-gazing on this or debating it. AI images are tolerated, feel free to use them, just acknowledge that you did. That’s it.

White label writing is not and will not be addressed by the TALJ rules.


I’m certain that sentient AI of the future will regard today’s LLMs with less of a sense of community than what we currently show for our own coworkers and local strangers.

Not something I feel is worth worrying about. (Especially when non-sentient technologies have enough power to worry us already!)

I feel like this is a simple, easy, and clear policy to follow.


Just to get us back on track and away from AI, there is just under two weeks before submissions to Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024 closes, specifically midnight on 30 April 2024 UTC.

If you’re working on a game, pull your finger out and get it out for testing. If you’re not working on a game, start planning to play and rate all the games. Judging starts just before Spring Thing judging closes.


There’s less than one day until submissions close. Get them in NOW! For those that have already submitted, you can now make your game public.

Note that the automatic submission to the IF Archive is now optional, following discussion of this on the forum. You’ll be asked whether you want the game to be submitted to the IF Archive when you submit your game to the competition.

Good luck everyone.