Testing at the End of the World

As you all know, the world ended today. But that’s no reason not to bring out more games. While the apocalypse has undoubtedly occurred, it’s the postapocalypse that’s the really interesting part. Taking this to heart, Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy would like to be the two friendly horsemen guiding you into this brave new world.

Premier catastrophists, they are working feverishly on a new game; hopefully for the Spring Thing, should that still be a regular feature in these end times. Crucially though, as it’s the end of the world, there’s no real rush and so getting the game to a high standard will come before any competition deadline.

This game will have some, all, or not none of the following features:

  • Hundred of lines of dialogue, most of which will be optional
  • Choices between siding or not siding with many competing factions
  • A variety of exotic locales
  • Several followers/party members/pets with their own story arcs
  • No combat system or any faux-RPG trappings like health or experience points
  • A lemur as an optional party member
  • Concrete player-goals with many possible routes to these goals
  • Integrated hint system
  • A setting based far in the future where the seas have risen and deserts reclaimed the land

If you’re thinking to yourself, that doesn’t sound half bad, or even, could have potential, and you’d like to be involved in testing, then drop us an email at farfarfuture@gmail.com.

We are intending to bring out an early test build early next year, so if you’re reading this from the future, then you still might be in time to get in touch.

To the end, and beyond!

Joey and Melvin