Testers wanted for new CYOA mystery/thriller, but there’s a catch…

Hello, first-time author here, hoping to enter a new CYOA-style story into Spring Thing '23.

It’s a modern-day thriller/mystery - with a narrative that throws you into the deep end and has you work out what’s going on as you progress. While the story itself is fairly linear (there’s a fixed beginning, middle and end) - you’re completely free to explore on your own terms.

With 3 parts, each around 1hr (ish) to complete, it’s on the larger side. It’s also quite visual, this includes notes, puzzles and locations. Whilst the puzzles are intended to be relatively straightforward, there’s a full solutions walkthrough if needed.

It’s been playtested (by friends/family) and is fairly close to completion.

All good so far? Ok, here’s the catch… it’s all built using Google Forms.

Erm. Anyone still here?

I’m aiming to create one of the most ambitious interactive stories on this platform. Which is maybe like saying ‘look at this work of art I made in MS Paint’ :wink:

Still, if anyone is willing to forgive the tool and test the story, I’d appreciate any feedback - even if it’s just to try it for 30mins and give your opinion. PM me and I’ll send a link. Thanks!


Wait, hold on… what?!

Okay, but when someone shows up with a really impressive work of art, and then tells me it was made in MS Paint, my jaw hits the floor.

I’m putting this on my list of games to look forward to for SpringThing!


Porpentine’s All Your Time-Tossed Selves is also built in Google Forms, if the idea is interesting to you, Joey!