Testers Wanted for House (Spring Thing Submission)

I would be grateful to all who are willing to be alpha testers for House, my work in progress, coded using TADS 3 and the adv3lite library.

House is a work about a romantic relationship threatened by a recent incident. You, the player, do not go into the work knowing what has gone wrong.

The ending of the work has yet to be written. For that matter much of the beginning and middle of the work has yet to be written. I want to know what will and will not go over well before investing more of my time into creating. If you have ever wanted to be involved in the development of an IF work early on so that the author has the chance to implement the really cool features that you want or remove the aspects that you hate, this is your chance!

I still do not have a good idea of what players might not like about my work or which commands they might try. If you are interested in being an alpha tester, please contact me. I can send you the latest alpha release via this forum or via e-mail, whichever you prefer.

The first beta release of House is now available! If you would like to be a tester, please send a message my way. It would be great to get a perspective from anyone who has not played previous releases, and it would also be great to hear from those who have previously been alpha testers.