Testers wanted for a feature-complete game - Valley of Steel

Update: Fixed the 403 error at the link, I’m pretty sure! My apologies!

Hi folks! I’ve recently achieved what I’m pretty sure is playthrough-complete status with my current (first) IF project, Valley of Steel. It’s a fairly straightforward Infocom-style sequential-puzzle story game, and shouldn’t require any magical coincidences (i.e. like Deadline - be at this loc at this time to see stuff). It is possible to render it unfinishable via the wrong choices, of course.

I would be most grateful to anyone out there willing to give it a go and let me know what you find. I’m looking for any feedback at all, including but not limited to:

  • Bugs (code or structure problems)
  • Confusing functionality
  • Confusing (or lacking) text/guidance/explanations/descriptions
  • Puzzle feedback - too hard? Too easy (more likely)? Just Plain Obtuse? Etc.
  • Writing feedback - Too much text? Not enough? Too boring? Too snarky? Enough plot? Not enough?

The game has a web page at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/valley.html where you can find a link to the current build, Gargoyle/Zoom, and even an issue tracker. The issue tracker is anonymous, but identifying yourself on issues is helpful if you’d like a response. NOTE: The Issue tracker has spoilers in it.

The game is glulx, and is distributed as an inform 7 ‘testing release’ (so test code and commands work, I leave it to you to choose whether to go there or not :smiley: )

Many thanks for all the help I’ve received here already. You guys know who you are. I’m especially proud of the subway. :slight_smile:


The link just gives a “403 - Forbidden” error saying “You don’t have permission to access /valley.html on this server.”.

Oh man, how embarrassing. OK, gotta go do battle with mod_security. AIGH. Thanks so much for letting me know. WIll post when fixed.

FIXED I swear to whatever is good and true. :slight_smile: If it doesn’t work for you, please by all means let me know here.

I’ve uploaded a new build of the game. Based on some feedback, I’ve added some more explanatory text to the game’s intro, as well as an adaptive hint system using Eric Eve’s extension!