Testers sought for 'Spiral'

Hello - I’m still looking for more testers!

I’d like to appeal for beta testers for my short psychological horror/surrealist text adventure Spiral, which I would very much like to enter into IFComp. This may not be possible, unfortuantely, because there is still some work to do and only until the end of the month to do it. If you’d like to test it, I won’t be able to send you the game for another few days, possibly a week, and then there is a tight schedule if we want to meet the deadline (I’m going to have to see how it goes). I don’t want other people to feel pressured, though, so please e-mail or PM me with your interest regardless of how much time you might have this month.

I look forward to hearing from you!

By the way, I’ve made some big changes and need another round of testing. I’ve only had one tester so far! Please volunteer!

The IFComp is 6 months ahead. I think you have time :slight_smile:

Anyway: I volounteer. Send the game, non zipped, to minnocenti at kidstudio dot it

I think they were referring to last year’s competition (2011) given the date of the post.

Yes, of course. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes, I wanted to enter it into IFComp '11 but I missed it.